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lead paragraphs

Eleven Steps to sell great copy in Emails pt.6

Step Six: Create Lead Paragraphs that pull people in

Okay, you’ve got a nice headline. Now, take the information you gathered in steps one, two, and three, and write a paragraph that highlights the main reason people will buy from you, or use your service. Use their language, too. If you are selling highly technical software to computer nerds who administrate servers, you will use a different tone and language than if addressing young adults who buy body piercings.

Know your audience, and write to why they want to come to you. Use a warm, friendly tone, as if you are talking directly to them. “Are you tired of not finding that special yarn you’ve been looking for, at an affordable price? We understand, because at Yarns and More, we’re knitting enthusiasts ourselves. We know what it’s like to look for that special yarn for your knitting project, because you want it to look just right…”

Use the word “you” more than “we” or “I”. People don’t really care that much about how great you are; they care about how well you will meet their needs. By addressing them in the second person, you are unconsciously letting them know that they are the important ones, and in selling, that’s vital psychology.

Which firm would you rather so business with? The one that says, “Our firm has highly credentialed marketing staff, with associate’s degrees in marketing, finance, and commerce. We have completed courses in administration, and have a huge facility in Podunk, Nebraska,” or the one that says, “From the moment you walk into our store, we concentrate on you. We will spend individual, quality time to discover your needs, and to help you create a marketing plan that will help your firm grow-and make you more money.” Use this same approach in your emails, and you’ll see increased response rates.