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New to Email Marketing, you need to invest a minute and Zoom

New to the email marketing industry? If so, you’re like thousands that want to know “How to do it, Why to do it and Whom should do it?” We have the answers to those questions and more with our Free download of “Getting your Emails Read” the whitepaper. If you’ve been in business for quite some time, you’ve heard or already using an email marketing service – but there is nothing more convenient to use than Zoom Email Marketing service.

We provide the Do-It-Yourself feature to allow the beginners a chance at creating professional emails with our pre-designed – fully customizable template and we have something for the pros. We call them the pros because that’s the business owner that understands the value in email marketing but have a very successful business to run and do not want to spend another minute doing the marketing that a great company can do for them.

With the custom Zoom, we provide a service to create, deliver and track the success of your email campaigns so you can get back to work. That sounds ideal for your company right? Leave the wording and coding to us so you can answer the inquiries from new prospective customers. Let us work for you…..or create the emails yourself. And whats best is right now you can get 500 emails sent this month for FREE.

We’re just launching out our new application and we want you to try it, on us!

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