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We're here to enable you with the tools to improve your outgoing messaging strategies with data that is useful...Fast & Measurable.

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Big Ideas

If your plans include developing sales collateral, launching a new product, or redesigning a web site, you will want to know how Six can help you.

Shared Expenses

Co-Op Dedicated Email
Zoom's Dedicated Sponsorships allows customers to partner with our In-house campaigns reach. Advertisers are able to gain access to 135K+ segmented Travel, News, Events, Career Development, or Local Businesses market. Co-Op Advertisers can target their audience by gender, zip code, income level, and educational backgrounds without maintaining or building your own corporate list.

Co-Sponsored Weekly Newsletters
Zoom's Inbox news is promoted two times per week with allotment of placement to fill one 428x90 pixel at email header and one 180x150 pixel creative nestled in the body of the message. Co-Sponsored Newsletter Advertisers are able to mass promote to subscribers with interest in Travel, News, Events, and Career Development industries.

Our Mission

 Utilizing creative flair and award-winning advertising our goal and primary purpose is to help you maximize your marketing budget and get more effective bang for your buck

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