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Face it, Nobody likes Spam!

  • Email must contain no materially false, misleading, or deceptive headers or transmission information.
  • Email must contain a valid physical postal mailing address.
  • Email must contain clear and conspicuous identification that the message is an advertisement or solicitation. Refer to the FTC's guidelines on Dot Com disclosures for additional information on "clear and conspicuous".
  • Email shall not contain any inducements to procure or otherwise intentionally pay or provide consideration to another person to initiate or suggest that the recipient forward a commercial email on behalf of the sender.
  • Email must include an obvious opt-out functionality:
  • Opt-out must be clearly displayed in the email message.
  • Opt-out must allow the recipient to request to not receive future email messages from the sender at the email address where the message was received and such recipient will only be required to enter their email address.
  • Opt-out must not be conditioned on the payment of any fee.
  • Opt-out must be functional for 30 days after the message was transmitted.
  • Opt-out must be put into effect within 10 days of receiving the request.
  • Opt-out must rely on either a reply email or visit to a single Internet webpage.
  • Labels are required to identify any email contain sexually oriented material.

Actions prohibited includes:


  • Harvesting of email addresses
  • Dictionary attacks
  • Automated creation of multiple email accounts
  • Relay or re-transmission through unauthorized access.

Email to Wireless Devices
Regulations have been implemented by the FCC which restrict the delivery of commercial email to mobile phones and other wireless devices. A stricter standard is applied when determining whether permission has been given by a mobile device user. A mobile device user must:

  • Give express prior authorization to receive commercial messages from a specific sender whose identity must be provided at the time authorization is given.
  • Provide the email address that shall receive the commercial emails.
  • Be informed that their wireless provider may charge to receive such email.
  • Be informed that they may revoke their authorization at any time. In addition, these regulations require greater evidence that such authorization was obtained. If the consent was obtained through electronic methods (such as e-mail), such authorization must contain the subscriber's signature, including electronic signatures as set forth in the E-Sign Act (15 U.S.C. §7001). ?

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Sent By Zoom = A powerful email marketing tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies: Opt-in, Double opt-in, visible subscribe link, visible unsubscribe link, and one-click unsubscribe for immediate removal if requested. These features keeps you in control of your Smart Complexity Campaigns.