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Updated January 15, 2017

Our goal with Zoom Email Marketing is to provide an effective branding solution to your email marketing campaigns for personal and commercial branding. Note that our services are not to reflect derogatory efforts including pornography, hate-speech, and illegal products or services.  Although we do provide Do It Yourself (Saas) services, we expect each of our zoomers to provide their content in full compliance of the current Spam Regulations set forth by the Can-Spam Act. To alter your account, please speak with your Account Executive at 1-844-924-3629.

The term of this agreement is set forth in a number of plans to suit your basic needs. All service plans revolve in some sort on a monthly basis however that can be three, six, nine, twelve, or on a month-to-month contract. Unless otherwise noted, the initial Term of this AO shall begin seven days after contract signature input (implied, written, verbal or recorded) and will continue through 30, 180 or 365 days. Unless otherwise provided in the order and except as provided below in these T&C's, upon expiration of the initial term. Trial services are for 7 days unless in agreement with an Executive for an extended savings per contract.

All renewal orders will be subject to a rate lock protection that original contracted rate will never increase for products previously ordered for the life of the relationship between business owner and Zoom unless some form of the contract has been breached. Services provided during the next term will be subject to the then-current Terms and Conditions. Neither of us may terminate this agreement during the Initial Term, provided that we may terminate this agreement at any time upon notice to you if you breach this agreement. If you choose to have your advertising removed from any site and/or our services discontinued prior to the end of the initial term or renewal term, as the case may be, you shall notify us in writing and the pre-paid amount left on the contract will be placed in a reserve account for future advertising purchase. There will be no returning of funds to advertisers for canceling pre-paid advertising items. 
  Performance Advertising Products
We or our vendor will fulfill your performance based advertising product- All advertising shall be displayed within seven regular days of contract and will be fully enabled to be engaged by a visitor. We do not guarantee that any clicks (1) will be from potential customers for you and/or (2) will be of any benefit or value to you (3) will generate your foot traffic, (4) increase your call volume, or (5) or dramatically change your bottom line. You acknowledge that placing any advertising on the web no matter how niche or targeted the site may be you may receive an occasional business opportunity that is not warranted. 
Invoices are rendered when ad goes live. If you do not pay for your advertising as billed, we may, at our option, in addition to other rights and remedies, suspend or terminate our advertising and accelerate all charges and require immediate payment of all sums due for such advertising for the remainder of the Term. 
  Rates and Payment
Unless otherwise provided in the order, we will receive payment from you at the time of order for services via company check, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. Any sales, use or other local, state, federal, foreign or other taxes or governmental fees arising out of or in connection with this agreement are already included in the advertised pre-paid cost. If doing a Net30 or Net 180 agreement, you must pay your balance for advertising products within the 30 or 180 day time period from initial advertising order. Rates may change every two years to grow with the economy with a rate increase due January 2017. 
  Agency Procedures
If agency matters a 15 percent discount on space, color, and position, if the invoice is paid within 30 days will apply. No commission or discounts will be allowable after the 30-day period. Agency cash discount of 2 percent is available if full payment is received with insertion order. Two percent is calculated after all other discounts are applied. No conditions other than those set forth in the advertising rate card shall be binding on the publisher unless specifically agreed to in writing by the publisher. Publisher will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions that conflict with provisions of Zoom Email Marketing's rate card. 
  Cancellation Policy

At any time, either party may suspend service on an account for any reason. If you have a six or twelve month contract and have not used all of your service, you may suspend that account to stop and restart at a later date. Keep in mind that there are great incentives for you when you reactivate and get your program working again.

Need Help? Call your support team at 1-844-9AGENCY